I'm one of those elusive native Calgarians you hear tales of...  I travelled the world, only to realize what an amazing city this is to live in.  

My husband Doug and I live in Garrison Woods with our two kids and our household zoo of animals, including a dog, bird, and two guinea pigs.  As an adult, I discovered a passion for dance, and I will try any beginner class I can squeeze into my schedule.  I only wish I had tried belly dancing when I was pregnant!  Gardening, ballet barre, yoga, reading and holistic nutrition are also passions of mine.  I lived many years as an unhealthy person, and love how strong and positive I feel in my new way of living.

By choice, both of my kids were born at home, under the care of some amazing midwives.  Something I remember very distinctly was how supported and free I felt to do what my body was directing me to do.  It gave me a sense of my own strength and ability that I never had experienced before!  Every woman has a different comfort zone, different needs.  I am a helper by nature & love to help women and their partners to feel their best, their strongest and their most supported in whatever ways I can.  In addition to being a DONA certified birth doula, I am a Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and I have studied as a loss doula for those suffering the tragedy of miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.  We are a community, and it is a privilege for me to walk along side of families in their big moments. 

Births don't always go the way we plan them, but it's my hope to support women in having the kind of birth they desire, and in finding that kind of empowerment during their birth experiences.   Birth is a transformative moment for a woman, one which she deserves to enter through with all the support and encouragement she can get!